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How to Choose the Best Dash Cam?

  • 2016-12-28 14:39
  • by Toguard
How to Choose the Best Dash Cam?This is a very important question, we must think carefully! Here are some ways you can check it.
  • Video Resolution
Video quality is the most important factor in choosing a dashboard camera. Some cameras record at VGA resolution (640×480), which is much lower than the standard for 720p HD video standard (1280 x 720). 1080p resolution (1920×1080) is full HD. Some of the newer models are capable of recording at higher resolutions for more detailed images, but you have to remember that higher resolution images use up more memory space.

This becomes an issue only when you want to keep a complete video of your road trips because it will require frequent downloading and replacing of the SD memory card. Other related features are night vision support and WDR technology that contribute to enhancing video images.
  • Loop Recording
Loop recording is the norm for dashboard cams, which means car drivers do not have to bother about turning the camera on and off. This feature is possible through hardwiring the camera into the electrical system of the car, but a more convenient option is to choose a model that conveniently plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.

When the car ignition is fired, the camera is automatically turned on and starts recording, and continues to save the images into the microSD card until the car stops.
  • Security Features
These are the features of the camera that work in emergency situations to create or preserve video files. These features include the G-Sensor that locks and protects the current video footage from being damaged or erased when the car suffers from a collision or is hit by any object and Motion Detection and Parking Mode that triggers the camera to record videos even while the vehicle is parked.

The M30 Night Vision HD1080P with 120 Degree Wide Angle and G-Sensor Vehicle Camera Video Recorder is a shake-proof camera equipped with a 120-degree wide angle lens that records HD-quality videos. On the road, the LCD screen gives a clear view of what is in front of the car from a wide angle perspective, with an option for a 4x digital zoom when you want to focus on certain image details.

The sudden impact and subsequent jarring of the dash cam automatically trigger this security feature to preserve the video and prevent it from being damaged or erased.The dash cam allows you to view details on the road in front of the car in a wide perspective from the 120-degree lens as you drive. Images, particularly those from the sides of the car that are not noticeable while you are driving, become more distinct.The capability to record in a loop means that you get footage from the time you start the car to until you stop driving. The dash cam powered through the car charger continuously records and saves the video into a compatible microSD card of up to 32GB capacity.

The anti-shake feature means that the quality of the video remains clear even when the car passes through road bumps and rough terrain that can cause the camera to jar.Easy to install and operate – The camera installs easily through a suction cup mount and once plugged into the car charger, it will start to record when the car starts.  The default mode is video recording and no user input is required unless you want to alter the settings.

The dash cam is affordably priced and gives a good performance to commensurate with its cost.Since the dash cam comes with a rechargeable battery, it can be used as an HD camera outside the car.

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