【4K Ultra HD Dash Cam】Come with 4K front camera and 1080P rear camera, vividly captures the license plates and road signs. The clear video evidence protects you from fake accident,...


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  • 【4K Ultra HD Dash Cam】Come with 4K front camera and 1080P rear camera, vividly captures the license plates and road signs. The clear video evidence protects you from fake accident, making your life easier and Safer.
  • 【Must Use a Real U3 SD Card】 Because it's a High Resolution 4K car camera, please ensure to use a brand U3 SD card and also format it before first use. If you use a U1 low-speed SD card, the camera will make beeps to remind you that the card is not compatible, then please replace the SD card with a U3 High-speed one.
  • 【24-hour parking monitoring】Equipped with a dedicated intelligent step-down line, connect to the normal power to realize 24-hour parking monitoring, low-voltage automatic power-off, and protect the battery from power loss.Warm Tips: The standard length of rear camera cable is 19.5ft, please feel free to contact if you need a longer 27ft cable.
  • 【Heat Resistant with Super Capacitor】The dashcam is supercapacitor powered instead of lithium batteries, which are built to survive extreme weather conditions from -4°F to 158°F. It's higher security than others and also gives a longer life-span than lithium-ion battery dashcams.
  • 【Not Afraid of Dark Light 】Equipped with Sony image sensor, 6 full HD glass lens, F1.8 large aperture lens, even in low light environment without auxiliary light source, it is easy to get clear and color accurate images.
  • 【Loop Recording saves more space】Real-time recording is uninterrupted. Start Loop recording with the car, no frame loss, no second loss, automatically overwrite earlier recording after the memory card is full, seamlessly recycle the memory card space.
  • 【G-sensor】Collision sensor accurately records useful information. The dashcam built-in gravity sensor will automatically record and save the emergency video after a collision to prevent the video from being overwritten even in loop recording. Accident scene can be truly restored and give you piece of mind.
  • 【Mini 3 inch Display Dashcam】Keep the original appearance of the car. Small MINI body, quick installation in minutes, equipped with a special suction cup bracket for the dash cam, which is more firm, does not fall off in summer, does not damage the windshield of the car, does not block the line of sight, does not occupy the original rearview mirror, and ensure driving safety.

High-Tech Sensor

Equipped with Sony IMX335 sensor, F1.8 aperture with 6 glass lens and WDR, offer super clear image recording and provide higher-level in-car safety, which fully guarding driving safety.

Heat Resistant with Super Capacitor

The dashcam is super capacitor powered, which is higher security than others and also gives a longer life-span than lithium-ion battery dashcams.

24H Parking Mode

The dash camera comes with a 12V-24V Hardwire Kit to realize 24H parking monitoring. After the car is turned off, the built-in gravity sensor realizes the automatic boot recording after the vehicle is shaken, which continues to guard the car.

The Instructions for Installing the Hardwire Kit

Black wire(GND): Ground. Fix it on the side of the board. Yellow Wire(B+): The port is electric available even if the car is off, such as ports for small lights/dome light/brake light/emergency flashing lights. Red wire(ACC): The port is not electric available until the engine starts up, such as the cigarette lighter, radio.

Low Voltage Protection

The hardwire kit features the protection feature of the vehicle battery from discharging when using parking monitor. It will automatically cut off when the voltage below 11.4V or 22.8V. It would not drain out your car's battery.

Dash cam doesn't include any SD Card

The dash cam requires a U3 or above high-speed SD Card. Please prepare a Brand U3 SD card when using it. Important Tips: If you use a U1 low-speed SD card, the camera will make beeps to remind you that the card is not compatible, then please replace the SD card with a U3 High-speed one.

4K UHD 2160P + 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars Driving Video Recorder with Hardwire Kit

Dual-vision with the Cinema-quality Video The 3-inch screen can show front and rear camera at the same time, front and rear camera will work in parking monitor function. Every important detail in the front or rear of the vehicle can be recorded clearly to provide irrefutable video evidence or capture the landscape along your journey with cinema-quality video.

Screen: 3-inch UHD IPS Screen Video: H.264 compression: MP4 Resolution: Single Front Camera 2160P@30fps / Front 2160P@25fps+Rear 1080P@25fps Image: JPEG; USB Interface: Mini USB External Memory: 256GB max, micro SD card of U3 [Note: Please format the Micro SD card to FAT32 on PC, then format it again on dash cam.] Support U3 or above 256GB Micro SD card. The micro sd card is not included in the package.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 4K Front Dash Cam
  • 1 x 18ft 1080P Rear Camera
  • 1 x 11.5ft Car Charger
  • 1 x 2.62ft Mini USB Cable
  • 1 x 12V-24V Hardwire Kit
  • 1 x Suction Cup Mount / 2 x 3M sticker for rear camera
  • 4 x Cable Clamps / 1 x Plastic Crowbar
  • 1 x User Manual

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A: Yes, the 4K dash cam can record audio.
A: Yes, you can choose single front camera mode and dual recording mode in system setting.
A: Yes, you can either watch the replays on the camera itself or take the SD Card out and plug into a computer to upload the video for review.
A: I think this depends upon the file size you choose to write. If only the front cam record, the 32GB card could record 2 hours if both front and rear cam record at same time, 32GB card could record 70~90 minutes.
A: No, it's not waterproof. You'd better install it inside the car. it will clear too.
A: No...I recommend getting use the hard-wired. When not driving put in park, motion mode.
A: You need to manually delete locked videos on a regular basis.
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