4K Ultra HD Action Camera:This 4k action camera With professional 4K/30FPS video and 20MP photos, adjustable resolution, V30 action camera with excellent resolution and picture quality can better help you...


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4K Ultra HD Action Camera:
This 4k action camera With professional 4K/30FPS video and 20MP photos, adjustable resolution, V30 action camera with excellent resolution and picture quality can better help you capture every excellent moment while vlog recording, swimming, diving, snorkeling, skating and more.
Waterproof Up to 100FT:
You can explore the mysterious submarine world with this underwater waterproof camera with its included high quality waterproof case on. The lens angle is adjustable among wide, medium, narrow,It is ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, surfing,a great choice for underwater diving
Advanced EIS Stabilization:
This waterproof action camera built-in advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS),It helps to counteract any bump, shake or camera tilt and delivers shake-free, extremely stable and stunning videos. 4K action camera is for movements and adventures
WIFI & 2'' Touch Screen:
Built-in WIFI makes instant sharing possible, just download the app to share video or photo on social platforms like Facebook, Yutube and Ins etc.This action camera waterproof equipped with 2'' IPS high-sensitive IPS touch screen, shows everything clearly and brightly, easy to change settings, switch shooting modes, preview and playback footage.
Various Functions Meet your needs:
2 * 1350mAh,Long standby. helmet mounting accessories kit are available for most kinds of action waterproof camera even gopro camera.


4K Ultra HD / 20MP

Record high resolution videos at 4K (3840x2160)/30fps and capture 20MP photos, V30 action camera displays gorgeous images and video with superb contrast and clarity down to the finest detail.When V30 action camera used as a PC webcam, it can only transmit images in real time, but not audio.Action Camera

EIS Image Stabilization

Built-in advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS),It helps to counteract any bump, shake or camera tilt and delivers shake-free, extremely stable and Record wonderful moments

Action Camera

2 Inch IPS Touch Screen

2 inch IPs touch screen makes it much easier tochange settings, preview and shoot.Just swipe,tap and done.And it it displays pictures with highfidelity color from all viewing angles.

Action Camera

WIFI & APP Control

Stay connected with built-in WiFi, you can control this action camera from a distance, download, play, and share the videos to smart phone with the APP

Action Camera

100FT Waterproof Camera

With durable waterproof case, this underwatercamera allows diving up to 30 meters (100ft) indepth, perfect for recording water sports, likeswimming, diving, drifting, surfing, etc.

Note: Audio quality will be influenced if thecamera is in the completely sealed waterproofcase.To get a better sound effect, please changethe backdoor of waterproof case to the one withholes.

Action Camera

Adjustable Wide Angle Lens

170° wide angle lens enables you to create photoswith stronger depth and broader view.You canalso adjust the lens angle to apply to different shooting scenes.

Time Lapses Video

Time Lapses Video

ln this mode, the whole change process of anobject can be recorded in a short video, a greatchoice to record sunrise and sunset, flowersprouting and blossoming, ebb and flow etc.

Burst Mode

Burst Mode

Take several pictures (3/5/10) in succession bypressing the shutter button. You can select thebest image of the group or arrange them in asequence to study movement trajectory.

Professional Shooting Parameter

Professional Shooting Parameter

ISO, exposure value, white balance, color mode, , etc. These values can be adjusted to your needs. Take V30 action camera, shoot your own blockbusters.Action Camera

Self Timer Mode

After setting the shooting time interval, V30 sport camera will automatically take a picture after the intervalyou set. You have abundant time to get a satisfied gesture and choose perfect background.

Action Camera

2* 1350mAh Batteries with Charger

The two 1350mAh batteries have a long battery life and can be used for 3 hours even in 4k mode.At thesame time, it is equipped with a dual charger that can be charged simultaneously with two batteries,which is convenient and quick.

Action Camera

Micro SD Card-U3 Above

Due to its high speed of data output, this V30 action camera need to use a u3 high speed micro SD card(8-128GB).SanDisk Extreme SD UHS-I Micro SD Card (U3/64-128GB) is recommended.


Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization /Touchscreen / Built-in WIFI /Waterproof Case /Adjustable Angle / Distortion Calibration / H.264 (H.265) Video Code / Built-in Microphone / Time Lapse Video / Slow Motion / Driving Mode / Still Photo /Time Lapse Photo / Burst Photo /Self Timer /Exposure / ISO / Color Mode / White Balance / Scene Mode / Micro HDMI / Micro USB

What’s in the Box:

1x V30 Native 4K Action Camera

1x Waterproof Case

2x 1350mAh Battery

1x Battery Charger

1 x Protective Backdoor

1x Bicycle Stand

3x adapters and Screws

2x Tripod Mount

1x J-Hook Buckle Mount

2x Strap Mount

5x Tethers

2x Flat Surface Mount

2x Sticker

1x Lens Cloth

1x USB Cable

1x User Manual

1x V30 Native 4K Action Camer

Warm Tips:

1.U3 high speed Micro SD cardsup to a capacity of 128GB are supported. SanDisk Extreme SD UHS-I Micro SD Card (U3) is recommended.

2. Micro SD card is Not Included in the package.

3. Pleaseformatthe Micro SD card before using.

4. Please fully charge the camera before the first time use.

5.Bare machine is not waterproof, please use the attached waterproof case to dive, up to 100FT underwater.


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Due to the impact of Covid 19, logistics will be delayed. It is expected to be delayed about 3-5 days than usual. If your country or region is closed, we will send you an email to notify you. Please fill in your email when ordering!
A: If you use the action camera to shoot normally, the memory card memory is not enough, and the process is very long. At this time, we can use time-lapse video to shoot, which saves memory and shortens the process.
A: When there are individual differences between the products, which cause the V30 action camera's video to appear brighter or darker, you can use the exposure compensation function to adjust the brightness.
A: You can take pictures while recording the video, don’t need to stop recording the video, just press the camera Power button.
A: It is recommended to select Auto. When the white balance option is selected as Auto, the shooting effect is close to the effect of the naked eye.
A: The best distance for WiFi function is within 10 meters.if it exceeds 10 meters.WiFi will be disconnected.
A: This V30 action camera has a loop recording function, In loop recording, the camera will record video Off/3/5/7 minutes clips, and when the memory card is full,the camera will overwrite the earliest video with the latest one, and so forth.
A: If you buy sports camera,we will put the accessories shown in the product link in a well-designed,reasonable and tidy paper packaging box with the sports camera,and then Amazon shipping will repackage and transport it.If you give it to a friend as a gift, you can also repackage it yourself.
A: The battery capacity of this V30 camera is 1350mAh. This action camera keeps the screen bright and selects 4K resolution. It can be used for about (90) minutes, and it can be used for (180) minutes for normal use. The battery life is longer than most Camera time is much longer.
A: Yes, you can select Burst Photo in the camera mode, and set 3 shots / second, 5 shots / second, 10 shots / second according to your needs. Adjust burst photocounts. The action camera will take several photo in one shot.
A: Just click on the lock pattern Slide to Unlock.
A: When the wide-angle lens has a large angle, the picture is prone to distortion. The distortion correction function can be used to correct the distortion. The camera itself has a distortion correction function. You only need to enable this function in the settings to solve it.
A: Choose the right white balance according to using conditions, normally we recommend keep it in Auto.
A: In standby, slide down on the screen to pull out the short cut menu, wifi functions can be accessed here.Click to open,If you need to exit the wifi function, just click the UP button.
A: When taking photos of still objects, you can try to lower the ISO value if you want to get better results.
A: 4K30FPS 2.7K30FPS 1080P60FPS 1080P30FPS 720P120FPS 720P 60FPS
A: Our action camera does not come with an SD card, you need to buy it separately.
A: This camera is touch-screen and can be controlled by buttons, it is very convenient to use, even novices don’t need to worry.
A: After opening the action camera, click on the settings in the lower right corner, and then you can see that there is an Image Stabilization function, just click to open it.
A: This action camera built-in advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with 6-axis gyroscope detects position and motion changes, producing steady and smooth videos even when shooting fast-moving objectives.
A: This action camera has WIFI function to facilitate data transmission (using APP “RoadCam”to upload pictures/videos from the camera to the phone), use the phone to control the camera, and realize operations such as start/stop shooting within 10 meters.
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